Gaming is traditionally seen as a thing to do for a bit of fun, but did you know you can make a career out of it? Aside from the obvious world of online casinos where you can make money from gambling there are other opportunities out there where the risk isn't quite so hight. Welcome to the world of game testers, where you can earn money by literally playing and testing games.

Computer games testers have a very important role to play in the gaming industry. They are also called Quality Control Inspectors and Product Testers. The primary job of a game tester is to test games. A computer game tester needs to ensure that the game meets specific standards. Moreover, he also needs to report some underlying flaws. These days, game testers have to play games on Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo Wii, iPad and PlayStation. On these devices, testers need to identify program glitches, broken applications and unappealing effects before the game’s release date.

The most important task performed by a game tester is to ensure that a computer game meets the company’s specific production plans. In order to test games, some testers even need to play the same section several times. As a game tester, you may even have to write an extensive and detailed report about gameplay problems and programming bugs. With this information, developers can fix all kinds of issues before the game is publicly released.

It’s important to understand that the requirements of becoming a computer game tester depend on various factors, such as type of game, budget and more. Some business organizations consider this career choice an entry level position to enter the gaming industry. However, there are also some businesses that hire game testers with advanced skills. Here are some benefits of becoming a computer game tester.


Enter the Gaming Industry

This is a great reason to become a computer game tester. With this job, you can enter the gaming industry to further your career. You can even build some good contacts with advanced and experienced computer game testers. When you become a computer game tester, you even get an opportunity to learn about other lucrative career choices in the gaming industry. It’s the best way to start a career in one of the most entertaining and lucrative industries in the world.

Rewarding Career

Testing high end computer games is a very lucrative and rewarding career. In case you test a game that achieves huge success, you will be proud of your skills. You will be appreciated for playing an important role in the game’s success. In addition to this, working on such a project for a long time can be an emotional experience. Moreover, people across the world will play a game you developed.

Play Games before the Release Date

The best thing about being a computer game tester is that you get to play exciting games before they are released in the market. When you’re a computer game tester, you get a chance to play some exciting games on the best gaming consoles in the industry. If you have an interest in computer games, this will be the best job for you.

Attend Gaming Conventions

Last but not the least, you get a chance to attend gaming conventions. The company will allow you to attend gaming convention to stay updated about various developments and latest trends in the gaming industry. You will get free passes for some of the biggest conventions. There’s no doubt that becoming a computer game tester is an excellent career choice.